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99.47% of Growth Hackers Are Full Of Shit. (real stat)

If you're a real one, I love you. If you're not, it's cool, I can make you the real deal, for f*ck all.

But who the hell am I?

Three years ago, I was broke, and working out of my mother's garage. It wasn't that bad, I had a fan for hot days, and a fridge for red bull.

Two years ago, I was broke working out of a run-down apartment, making $500/wk as an 'Entrepreneur'. But hey, it's a step up from the garage, right?

Three months after that, my business made $29,763 in one week. I was pissed off because I'd set the goal of $30k.

How did I do it? I found a hack. And it only takes one hack to change your life.

Six months after that, I was recruited as a "Growth Hacker" for a metric shit-tonne of equity in a startup (legit one, working from a startup house), and I had to work out how to blow a Messaging App up overnight, with no budget, and get investment.

We got an 8 figure valuation (and I'd bet both of my kidneys you've heard of our investor), after I managed to slide us into the #1 spot on TechCrunch - for 4 days straight.

Once again - one hack to change your life.

So what hack does your business need?

You're just one hack away from blowing your business up, and doing it fast. My typical time to blow a business up is 3 months from the day of finding the hack. Let me give you that hack.

I help some of the world's best startups explode their businesses, and now I want to help you.

I don't care if you're a founder, a growth hacker, a marketer, or a shoe shiner - you're going to learn a lot, and you're going to blow peoples minds with the hacks I share with you.

"If you don't sign up, f*cking crazy."

- Jared Codling

"I swear I have real testimonials too. But this is funnier."

- Jared Codling

Hacks You'll Get Access To:

Viral Bot Explosion

Explode a business with FB Messenger Bots (virally). This has literally over a 9000% ROI (IT'S OVER 9000!!!)

Ultimate Stalker

Find Almost Anyone's Phone Number, Address, Email etc. Yes it does even work on celebrities.

Personal Email Hunter

Not that shitty 'business' email, their personal email address. Awesome for custom audiences + cold email.

Mass Stalker On Steroids

Same as Ultimate Stalker, but supercharged full of testosterone. Gather hundreds of thousands of mobile numbers etc. in minutes.

Sent From iPhone Method

Yeah, I can't really say much about this one in public...

You won't be disappointed though, this is a fan favorite.

Squared Canvas Hack

Want insane CTR's from FB ads? This is the ultimate method. I've generated over 200k leads using this, with costs as low as $0.09/lead


This is nek-level retargeting - and the best part - you get to use OTHER peoples content (legally) to grow your lists.

Medium Smasher

Want your article on Medium to be the #1 in its category? Easy. It only costs $6 and takes 5 minutes work (seriously)

Deliverability King

Sick of hitting the spam/promotions box? I have the solution, it's hacky as fuarrkkkk, but it works amazing.

Media Manipulator

My startup was the #1 article on TechCrunch for 4 days straight (plus heaps more). I'll show you how you can do the same.

Power Brand

Ultimate (stalkerish) retargeting to make your brand seem like the ONLY choice to your prospect.

Offer You Can't Refuse

How to get almost anyone to take you seriously, and hear your pitch. (Cut through the noise with popular influencers)



Price will rise by $1/wk every time someone signs up. Sign up now and lock in this price forever.

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My hacks are f*cking awesome. So here, have some for free. If you can't afford to join, use these hacks, make some quick & easy cash, then come back and spend it with ME! (I'm like 98% serious you know, the viral bot one will pay for like a gazillion years of membership)

Viral Bot Explosion

Old logo = hack will be 2.8% more effective.

Medium Smasher



Did I mention the price is going up? Because... the price is going up.

7 Day Moneyback Guarantee

I'm honestly in disbelief that you haven't signed up yet.


I told you I had real ones...

Yes, that IS Rebecca Black from 'Friday' lol.



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7 Day Moneyback Guarantee

An actual one. I'll give your cash back, and I'm super easy to track down (especially with the hacks I teach you)

Fine, I'll answer your questions.

Why is it a weekly cost?

A few reasons. Firstly, Growth Hacks don't last forever. Some work days, some work years, a lot of it comes down to saturation. But I want to make sure you're always armed.

Secondly, it just makes sense, as I'm giving a hack every week.

Third, it works with this killer pricing model I've got going on.

What if I pirate this/share my login?

I'll get your phone number, make a hot chick profile on POF.com, and give every horny guy on their your phone number (and ask them to send nudes). Am I serious? Who knows... really wanna risk it?

Pro tip: I'm a growth hacker, if this ends up pirated, I'm going to know who did it, I'm tracking yo' ass.

Are the hacks hard to implement? Can you help?

I'll help, so will my friends and people in our members group. But typically they're not hard. There are exceptions, some are hard - but just don't do those ones. I'll give advice on how to hire people on UpWork to do the hard stuff if you're developmentally challenged.

Do you offer consulting and stuff?

Yes, but I'm not cheap, and I only work with clients I know I can help crazy amounts (and get a great ROI). I can't make a shitty product sell no matter what I do, no-one can (except those home shopping networks, damn geniuses)

Can I request hacks?

That's a brilliant idea, I wish I'd thought of it myself. Oh, I did. Well do it, I'll try solve your problems.

Do it in the FB group.

What format are the hacks in?

Mostly videos, but depends on the hack. Can be slideshows, scripts, info-graphics, smoke signals. Whatever is most appropriate.

This isn't very professional seeming


It's intentional. This is growth hacking, not a marketing degree.

I heard growth hacks are bad for the long term blah blah blah

AirBNB don't think so. Either do Uber, Mint.com, or any of the big players.

You want to take on a billion dollar corporation and disrupt an industry without breaking some rules? Good luck my friend, you're braver than I.

NOTE: I'm not saying you should build your business/startup entirely around growth hacks, you need longterm strategy to go with these tactics, you need a vision and purpose - use these tools to supercharge your success and destroy your competitors.

Are all of the hacks legal? Do you break any rules?

Let me make one thing clear: I never break the law, and never advocate doing so.

Some of my hacks WILL break the Terms of Service on platforms you use, and you need to use them at your own discretion.

Most SEO breaks Google's TOS, it's so damn hard NOT to break the rules these days (ever read that iTunes agreement? Me either.) So of course, to make an omelette, you need to break some eggs. Do you want the edge for success or not?

Do you have a moneyback guarantee?

Sure, if you're not stoked, hit me up within 7 days, I'll give your cash back, and we'll part ways as friends.

What day do I get the hack each week?

I'll give you a hint, it'll be on a day that ends with the letter Y.

What happens if I leave?

The price for the next member will go down by a dollar (yay for them), and if you re-join you'll be at the end of the queue.

How's THAT for customer retention strategies! 😉

Oh, and you'll have 36 years of bad luck in the form of dreadfully high CPM's...

Can I sell my membership?

I guess? Email me about it. jc@newhackeveryweek.com

I have more questions.

Email me at jc@newhackeveryweek.com

IMPORTANT: The price may go up. And it's too annoying in my system to give you a discount after I respond, and I'm not always immediate with that stuff (I'm a busy guy). I'd recommend just buying, I have a 7 day moneyback guarantee, then ask me your questions. Sound good? Beautiful.



I actually don't have anything left to say.

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